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The archipelago of Socotra, part of the Republic of Yemen, is located in the north west Indian Ocean at about 400km south of Arabian peninsula. It consists of the main island of Socotra (3625 km2) and three smaller islands: Abd Al Kuri, Samha and Darsah.

The archipelago suffered from severe isolation due to its remote geographical position, to heavy monsoon winds and to the lack of suitable harbors. This resulted in very high levels of endemism in many terrestrial marine groups of organisms which make the archipelago a site of global importance for biodiversity conservation. The archipelago of Socotra has been included in UNESCOs World Heritage list since 2008 for its biological  diversity and threatened species.

290186_900The people of Socotra have been kept away from the rest of the world for centuries and had become almost completely self-sufficient, living in delicate balance with their environment. Until recent times tourism has not been a resource for the island. The preservation of Socotra natural and cultural richness is the only basis for improving the living conditions of its population. Thus, Socotra has been supported by conservation and sustainability programmes, encouraging a responsible ecotourism, rather than a conventional tourism, to protect the environment, the culture and the honor of the local people. Important features of the ecotourism are the honest use of resources from the place, the promotion of recycling, efficient use of energy, water conservation and economic opportunities for local communities.

Socotra island offers to tourists miles and miles of white sandy  beaches and startling clear turquoise blue seas teeming with colorful fish, inland mountains decorated with ancient dragon blood trees and hundreds of other unique species that have not developed anywhere else in the world, beautiful sceneries and the ancient culture of local people in traditional villages.

This web-site offers to tourists information on the island and a wide choice of activities that can be organized in a perfect holiday:

  • visa arrangement and renewal.
  • domestic flights
  • accommodation (hotel in all classes and camping),
  • meals (in restaurants or prepared by local cooks anywhere you camp),
  • trips (4×4 cars, boats, hiking and trekking, camel riding, bicycling),
  • sea exploration (snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming with dolphins),
  • long experienced guides who speak many languages
  • permissions and documents for professional film makers and photographers who wish to shoot documentary films in Yemen.

… and some other special tips (bird watching, fishing, visiting local markets, diving, surfing, cave exploration, climbing…) or just enjoying the tropical sunshine relaxing on a desert unexplored beach.

Just contact us and tell us about your plan and we will be proud to help and assist you to make your stay in Yemen an unforgettable experience, and also to make it the most enjoyable and memorable trip of your life.

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