If you are looking for a true fishing experience and adventure of a lifetime, then you should consider Socotra island as the right destination for that. When it comes to fishing, Socotra’s sea is a very rich environment that provides a high concentration of most fish species. Socotra is known as an ideal place for fishing due to its location in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Socotra exports fish to many parts of the world and the majority of the locals on the island are fishermen. If you are looking for a fascinating fishing trip, then plan your holiday to Socotra Island. Trips can be prearranged to join the local fishermen. Socotra island will choose the best location for your fishing trip depending on the time of the year and your expectations. With assistance of experienced local fishermen you certainly will succeed to get a catch you will be proud of.

Adventure fishing in Socotra has become a very popular hobby.

Visitors know that Socotra  is considered the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ as one of the best destinations for fishing on the planet simply because of the size of fish and quantity found in the waters of Socotra. If you love thrills then fishing in Socotra is just for you. You will put up a fight with the Barracudas of the ocean as they are the most common fish you’ll encounter. However, you will be amazed at the species of fish you can find swimming deep beneath your boat – from Swordfish to Kingfish to Marlin as well as Tuna and huge red Snappers. You’ll also find big Spanish Mackerals and Yellowspotted Trevallys popping and spinning around the Ocean. Some visitors have reported catching sharks!

Do you dare take the challenge and put up a gallant fight against the majestic and sometimes gilled monsters of Socotra’s ocean? We recommend you visit Socotra between October to May and to bring a very powerful rod with the strongest line you can find for one of the most exciting fishing experiences of a lifetime!

You are wellcome to join us with our  traditional fishing or to have special expedition (catch and realise, popping and vertical jigging) for GT and other monsters or just enjoy patient fly fishing from the shore,



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