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The mission

The mission of Unexplored Socotra eco-tours  is to provide you with the holiday you want: relax in wonderful beaches, enjoy the sea by snorkeling, diving and fishing, explore the nature on the mountains or try more adventure activities. The island has limited infrastructures and is almost new to international tourism, but a meticulous planning allows the team to make any arrangement necessary to ensure clients have an enjoyable holiday and encourage them to come back again in future. Unexplored Socotra provides highly competitive quality services at the best price. Rates are reasonable and as eco-tourism agency some of money you spend will directly and positively affect people at village level. We offer responsible sustainable tourism services to visitors.

The organization

Unexplored Socotra is an eco-tourism agency based in Hadibo, the capital of Socotra, offering a number of services in a wide range of destinations on the island. It organizes customized tours for independent travelers, as well as packaged holidays for small and big groups. It can also act as an agent for the major travel companies or tour operators from Yemen and even from other Countries. In addition to regular tour services Unexplored Socotra offers a complete out fitting of camping equipment and cooking gears for adventurous people fancying a true exploration of the beautiful Socotra. This agency is fully qualified to assist in the organization of holidays: accommodation (hotel
and camping suggestions), transport (4×4 cars, boats, camels), grant of protected areas. permits, maps, activities (snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, trekking, riding camels, exploring caves or just relaxing on uncontaminated beaches), logistics support for guided trips and more if required

According to eco-tourism criteria, people working for  are local men, mostly well trained professionals, with extensive knowledge of the nature and culture of the island. Their tongue language is Socotri and they also speak Arabic. Correct communication and relationships between tourists and locals are provided by speaking English guides, cultural-linguistic mediators who facilitates the placement of foreigners into the Socotri social context. In addition, some friendly guides and drivers enjoy to share and improve they basic knowledge of Italian, Spanish, French, German…


About us — 1 Comment

  1. Assalamualaikum, Administrators.

    My name is Yung. (zxplot@gmail.com)

    I have a plan to trip to Socotra this year.
    I saw the post that recommends this web site for travel to Socotra on trip-advisor.
    And I’m writing the emails now.

    I have some questions about trip to Socotra.

    1. Travel time or season and climate
    I have a plan to go to Socotra between 29th May to 9th in June or
    6th to 11th in Feb, 2016. I know the Feb is the best time to travel to Socotra.

    But I wonder the travel conditions from late May to early June.
    Is it still possible to travel to Socotra? of course it’s not the best.

    If I go to Socotra, I’d like to do camping on the beach also.
    Is it still possible from late May to early June or You don’t recommend
    for travelling that time?

    2. Flight to Socotra
    I saw many news that Yemenia Airways operates direct flight frome Dubai
    to Socotra But I couldn’t find any available schedules on Yemenia Airways Website.

    Is there a regular flight once a week from Dubai to Socotra nowdays?
    And I saw the price of air ticket is about $650. But some information tells that
    the price is just for one-way. I wonder the round trip price from Dubai to Socotra.
    Could you please check the information?

    Lastly, are there other cities that is connected to Socotra in a short period of time,
    like Doha and somewhere else?

    3. Visa and letter of Invitation
    Is the arrival visa at Socotra airport possible or you recommend to issue in advance?

    And is the letter of Invitation needed also?

    If I go to Socotra, hope to make a good memories with unexplored-socotra

    I’ll wait for your reply.

    Have a nice day.


    Yung (zxplot@gmail.com)

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