Trekking itineraries


Skand peak and return to Skand eco-campsite(6 hours)

A rather difficult 6 hours trek. If you have the whole day, you will however manage to even have a nice picnic lunch on the meadows of Skand among dragon blood trees. In a clear day you will be rewarded by a view of Hadibo below. Don’t underestimate the trek – the Skand eco-campsite is located tricky far from Jabal Skan

Skand – Ayhaft

This is a difficult trek you will certainly need a whole day for. Descend to Wadi Ayhaft will be especially demanding on your knees. Down there you will be rewarded by a bath in a freshwater river with smooth big boulders. Wadi Ayhaft is likely to become a community managed protected area with eco-tourism services.

Hadibo – Wadi Ayhaft

This trek is easy and balanced. You will need around 3 hours. Descend to Hadibo is long but not so exhausting.

Deneghen – south

Beautiful Wadi Deneghen is located just outside Hadibo. We will bring you there by car and then you will start your trek. It is a five day journey with camping in tents with all board and necessities provided by Socotra Eco-tours. The best way how to get in close contact with Socotri landscapes. Camels will be hired to carry your luggage.

Amak – Deneghen

Same as the previous route, the trek is rather difficult and it will take 5 days to cross the whole island. Camels will carry your load.

Deneghen – Skand – Firmhin – Dirhor Canyon

Even though it is just a 3 day trek it is the toughest one we offer. Camels will be hired nevertheless you will have to overcome quite big differences in altitude that make the trip tiring. You will be rewarded with stunning views and will see the best from Socotri landscapes. So don’t get cold feet and go for it!

Hoq cave

This is an easy trek yet we recommend setting out in early morning hours because the sun later in the day is scorching. You will need three comfortable hours to visit Hoq cave: 1 hour to hike up, 1 hour inside the cave and approx. 1 hour to descend back to the village of Terbak.

Wadi Shifa – Homhil

This is a continuous ascend from the sea to the mountain village of Homhil. Anyway it’s not difficult and the view over the blue waters below you will be getting better and better as you climb up. You will need one hour to reach the top to enjoy the magic landscape with dragon blood trees, bottle trees and brown-red soil.

Klison – Matyaf

A continuous gentle descend from Klison to the beach in Matyaf will lead you between wadis with fresh water pools. We cannot say it’s an easy trek but it’s far from difficult. You will need approximately 4 hours to reach the sea.