socotra-islandThere are excellent camping opportunities on Socotra Island with its Eco-campsites  
Each camping site has different characteristic and offers spectacular views of landscape; they all are accessible by 4-WD vehicles, are equipped with picnic tables, grills, other basic facilities and fresh water is available.

Unexplored Socotra tours offers complete camping equippments and services. We know the best places in the protected areas and we’ll make your camping experience on Socotra a memory to last a lifetime because the camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature on Socotra Island and sharing the warmth of its people. If you have a thirst of this adventure, to experience fascinating indigenous nature this is the right experience life. You just have to come to feel and see this incomparable landscape yourself and you will never forget those few days of a very special break from every day routine in civilization! In addition, we have all camping equippments and cooking gear for hire. Virtually, we are everything you will want or need to make your camping experience on Socotra one of the most memorable trips of your life!

There are six protected areas managed by local villages that offer eco-tourism services such as accommodation in eco-camps and use the profit for community development.

Amak  eco-campsite located on a long white sandy beach. You can sleep in palm leaf shelters or ents. Bathroom and food service are available. Thanks to a solar panel you can recharge your batteries. You can set out for a trip to sand dunes or to Dagub cave.

Dihamri : eco-campsite on the shore of the marine protected area. You can hire snorkeling and diving equipment there. Tents or palm leaf shelters are ready to host you for the night. Bathroom and food service are available. Recharging is not possible.

Ditwah class: eco-campsite overseeing the most romantic spot in the island. Bathroom and food service are available. You can spend a day on the sandy tongue of Ditwah Bay or take a dolphin spotting boat trip to Shouab. Recharging is not possible.

Homhil class: eco-campsite up in the magic land of dragon blood trees and bottle trees. Sleeping in tents under a stone shelter. Nights might be chilly. Bathroom and food service available but do not expect a fresh fish. Recharging is not possible.

Rosh class eco-campsite near a coral beach belonging to the marine protected area. Sleeping in palm leaf shelters on the beach or in tents. Bathroom and food service are available. You can go for snorkeling/diving or hike to Hoq cave. Thanks to solar panel you can recharge your batteries there.

Skand class: eco-campsite at the foot of Jebel Skand to which it still takes a couple of hours hike. The view is breathtaking. The campsite is not fully managed yet so you are advised to bring your own food. Sleeping in tents or in a stone building. Recharging is not possible.