Best sites

dragon blood forestThere are 10 terrestrial Protected Areas (covering 72 % of the island surface) and 22 marine protected areas in the Socotra Archipelago.

Here is a list of the most visited places in Socotra:

  • Hadibo, the capital
  • Dixam plateu,  in the central region
  • Cape Erissel, north est coast
  • Qalansia, the second village of the island
  • Shauab, a pristine send beach
  • Detwah lagoon, a masterpice of the wild nature
  • Aomak beach, on the south coast
  • Hoq Cave
  • Noged on the south coast
  • Dihamri, the diving center
  • Skand in the central region
  • Arher on the north  coast
  • Momi plateu, in the central region
  • Homhil protected area
  • Ayaft canyon
  • Delisha beach
  • Qadama, the tourtle beach
  • Samha Island
  • Darsa Island

Do not hesitate to ask for other sites to be visited: we will agree and organize you trip there

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