Socotra island is the largest island of Yemen with a population of 55000 with their own district language and culture; they also speak the Arabic.

The coastal area is inhabited by fishermen majority of African origin, using African huts whereas the wadis are inhabited by nomads of arabic origin and the mountains region is inhabited by nomads and descendants of an old South Arabian tribe speaking the old Arabian dialect Socotri related to the Mahari dialect. Socotra is a member of a group of four outlying islands Abd Al-Kuri, Samha and Darsah. There are also interesting affinities with other groups of islands including Seychelles and some remote islands of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Socotri language is an ancient unwritten language of pre-Islamic origin, related to the Mahri language. The Socotri language has four dialect groups.

Arabic is the official and formal language; 

English is spoken by the people working in the tourism industry.


All the people follow Islam.