Health precautions

Socotra is currently free of malaria, so use of malaria prophylactics is not recommended.  However, as mosquitoes occur locally, we do recommend to use insect repellent when sitting outside after sunset.  Cholera is not present on the island at all.  We recommend you drink only bottled mineral water, included in our services: it’s readily available in Hadibo and Qalansiya and Unexplored Socotra guides will have plenty for you all the time of your stay.

You don’t need any special vaccination to travel to Socotra. Common vaccines such as hepatitis A and B and tetanus are recommended as for any other travels.The hospital and health units on Socotra offer only basic medical services. Pharmacies are presented around Hadibo but it is much better to have your own first aid kit with drugs you have good experience with.