Communication options

At the moment (winter 2015) still there is no possibility of using your GSM mobile phone on Socotra island and anyway in many places there is no mobile coverage at all (which some of our visitors find a relief!)…

This will preserve Socotra in its wild character and simple life style, but we understand that sometimes you absolutely need to be reachable or to reach someone. In these cases we can provide your guide with a CDMA mobile phone which has a sim-card and you can buy the scratch cards to replenish it (to top it up) and use it as you go.


The only place where you can use internet on Socotra is in the capital, Hadibo where you will not be for a long time. It is possible to check your email, etc in our agency, but the connection is very slow, so do not count on surfing the web, watching YouTube, talking on skype or downloading big files. You can eventually use our desktop and connection to transfer your photos from your memory card to your flicker account, but better take an extra memory card, because you will take more pictures than you thought – our island is really beautiful

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