How to get to Socotra (flights)

Book your flight tickets through Unexplored Socotra

We can book your tickets to Socotra with Felix and Yemenia airways. Just email us with your planned dates to and you will get your e-tickets within few hours.


Unfortunately we do not have daily connections to/from the island and most flights to Socotra have a short technical landing in Mukalla (Ryan).

Felix Airlines offer the following flights:

Sana’a – Mukalla– Socotra

  • on wednesday (departure 13.00 – arrival 15.25)
  • on saturday morning (departure 7.00 – arrival 9.25)

Socotra – Mukalla – Sana’a

  • on wednesday (departure 15.55 – arrival 18.20)
  • on saturday morning (departure 9.55 – arrival 12.20)

Sharjah (Emirates) – Mukalla – Socotra [SUSPENDED]

  • on wednesday afternoon

Socotra – Mukalla – Sharjah (Emirates) [SUSPENDED]

  • on saturday morning


Yemania Airways offer the following flights:

Sana’a – Mukalla– Socotra

  • on monday morning (07.00-09.45)
  • on wednesday morning (07.00-09.45)

Socotra – Mukalla – Sana’a

  • on sunday morning (10.05-12.50)
  • on monday morning (10.30 -13.15)

Dubai – Socotra

  • on sunday morning (8.10-9.25)

Socotra – Dubai

  • on wednesday morning (10.30 – 12.55)


During the windy season from June to end of September, a temporary limited flight schedule might be on. Check the Yemenia and Felix Airways websites for up-date schedule. Unexplored Socotra  can arrange the flights for you and send you electronic plane tickets (


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