An eco-lodge run by Adeeb’s family is located on a beach just outside Hadibo.

Adeeb’s eco-lodge. This place belongs to Adeeb family and is located next to a pebbles beach just outside of Hadibo. The place is worth visiting and dining even if you stay in a hotel in Hadibo. The family also looks after a nearby nursery where we will take you to see young endemic Socotri plants. The fresh breeze from the sea wins the place extra points in comparison to sultry hotels of Hadibo. The premises offer accommodation  and two shaded resting areas where food from the eco-lodge restaurant is served. The cook serves delicious fish and goat meet. A beach shower is available for those who will enjoy swimming.


  1. woven huts with mattresses or beds protected by light mosquito nets, capacity of the eco-lodge is 15 people.
  2. Shared bathrooms, huts lighted by lamps, charging batteries possible.
  3. Breakfast is included and served by the eco-lodge restaurant.
Recently a second eco-lodge with similar services has been opened in Delisha beach