Botanical tours

People from Socotra have gathered an incredible knowledge in traditional medicine using herbs, plants and sea products. A shop with traditional medicine is still open in Hadibo enjoying the same trust of its customers than modern pharmacies.

The highland forest trees have provided the islanders with useful resins, gums, tannins, dyes, medicines, juices, scented woods, such as the famous cinnabar.

People from the mainland often ask Socotra visitors to bring them dragon blood to stop post delivery and nose bleeding; sabr made of the sap of Socotri aloe is also highly demanded.

For these natural treasures, it is extremely interesting to take a botanical tour on Socotra with a trained guide who will show you important plants and also traditional way of their use. You will see and taste yellow berries of the tree Ziziphus spina-christi which branches were actually used to make Jesus Christ’s  thorn crown. The tour will be concluded in Adeeb’s nursery just outside of Hadibo where endemic and important plants are grown to be returned back into its  original habitats. Some of the plants from the nursery such as little dragon blood trees you won’t be able to see in the wild.


In Ancient Rome gladiators smeared their bodies with the resin extracted from Dragon Trees. It hastened healing of their wounds by reducing blood loss. It is considered that Dragon’s blood has greater healing properties than well-known Mumiyo. Except the resin you can also buy here dried juice of the Socotran Aloe, frankincense and clay smoking jars. Try to find a blood-red clot of resin on the bark of a tree, climb its crown or just lay half an hour in its shade and enjoy the thought that you see an endemic that may be more than one thousand years old!